May 2020

Bluezone tick the ‘return to work’ boxes

Bluezone cover 90% of the COVID-19 Return to Work Safely Protocol induction Familaristion HSA Employer Checklist.

The other 10% is physical elements such as providing cleaning supplies

COVID-19 Return to Work Safely Protocol – Employer Checklist No. 3 Induction / Familiarisation

These checklists have been prepared by the HSA to help employers, owners and managers to get their business up and running again in a way that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The usual induction, or workplace familiarisation, for new employees will have to be revised to include measures to help prevent the spread of the virus.

All workers must be brought through this COVID induction before starting back to work.

 ControlYes NoAction needed
1.Have you a system in place to keep up to date with the latest COVID-19 advice from Government and to pass that advice on to workers?Yes Via Bluezone elearning & training Matrix
2.Have you a completed COVID-19 return-to-work form for each worker at the induction? (See template Return-to-Work form) NoEmployer Process
3.Have you covered the signs and symptoms of COVID-19?Yes  
4.Have you explained to workers how the virus is spread?Yes  
5.Have you covered the control measures you have put in place to minimise the risk of workers being exposed to COVID-19? (See Checklist No. 2)Yes Customistation possible
6.Have you demonstrated physical distancing, good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette to workers?Yes  
7.Have you given workers information on At Risk Groups and asked them to let you know privately if they fall into any of these categories?Yes  
8.Have you told workers they must stay at home if sick or if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 and informed them of their entitlements if they are sick or need to quarantine?Yes  
9.Have you told workers what to do and what to expect if they start to develop symptoms of COVID-19 in the workplace, including where the isolation area is? (See Checklist No. 4)Yes Customistation possible
10.Have you told workers of the purpose of the COVID-19 contact log in the workplace?Yes  
11.Have you covered any relevant changes in your business COVID-19 response plan?  Customistation possible
12.Have you included any relevant updates (to minimise the risk of you and others being exposed to COVID-19) in your risk assessments and safety statement?  Customistation possible
13.Have you included information on changes to your emergency plans?  Customistation possible
14.Have you explained any changes to first aid procedures to minimise the risk of you and others being exposed to COVID-19?Yes Customistation possible
15.Have you identified the Worker Representative(s) to all workers and explained what their purpose is?Yes Customistation possible
16.Have you explained any new staff rosters, changing of start / finish times, rostering of breaks etc ?Yes Customistation possible
17.Have you told workers to wash their hands before leaving home and on arrival in the workplace, and at regular intervals throughout the day? (Pg.10 – 11)Yes  
18.Have you explained the importance of workers avoiding touching their faces?Yes  
19.Have you explained the need for workers to avoid physical contact with colleagues, customers or visitors?Yes  
20.Have you explained the need for the twice-daily cleaning regime of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, kettles, coffee machines, toasters, microwaves, fridge doors etc.?Yes    
21.Have you explained the need to avoid sharing items such as cups, bottles, cutlery, pens etc.?Yes  
22.Have you provided each worker with cleaning materials, including disinfectant wipes, and advised them to clean their own workspace twice daily? NoEmployer Process
23.Have you advised workers of the public health recommendation to use a face covering on public transport?Yes  
24.Have you advised workers to reduce work-related travel as far as possible and provided means for them to have meeting in other ways e.g. phone/ online rather than in person?Yes  
25.Have you advised workers to travel alone if using their cars for work?Yes  
26.Have you advised workers who have to share a vehicle to wear a face covering and to clean the vehicle’s frequently touched surfaces at the start and end of each shift?Yes  
27.Have you told workers about the supports available to them if they are feeling anxious or stressed?Yes  
28.Have you explained the proper fitting, use, removal, cleaning, storing and disposal of any required PPE?Yes Customistation possible
29.Have you a system that allows your workers to raise issues or concerns and have these responded to? NOEmployer Process

Note: this course is not endorsed by the HSA/HSE. Elearning is an excellent way to provide training and ensures no contact.