May 2020

Changing the way you work

Bluezone 20/20 webinar series

20-minute bite size segments on managing your future safety needs

COVID 19 has certainly focused attention on the use of technology and how we can be working smarter.

Bluezone has seen an increase in interest in our platform and therefore we wanted to share the learnings and client’s experience via a 6-week series webinars to show how our platform may be able to help with your needs, as we begin to think about returning to work safely.

All events take place online at 11.00 am (GMT+1) and will last 20 minutes.

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1Management and Training of your People via the cloud.Preparing to return to work, how to manage your staff, critical documents, and training digitally for a remote workforce. 2nd JuneBOOK 
2Legionella ‘No touch’ management Ensuring continued legionella compliance with IoT9th JuneBOOK
3Contractor management from a distance  COVID-19 or not, dealing with contractor compliance shouldn’t be a problem, find out why.16th June BOOK
4The digitisation of Asset ManagementManaging compliance within multiple sites, buildings, and assets. How to manage your risk from the cloud 23rd June BOOK
5Contact free Incident management  Real time data collection and investigation through technology  30th June BOOK
6The Future of building compliance and IoT COVID 19 Crisis brings renewed focus to IoT and building compliance7nd July BOOK

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