December 2021

Day 4- Spreading Christmas Cheer!

Effective Inductions

Unless your Buddy the elf it is hard to get excited about employee inductions, either as an employee or as a trainer. Bluezone Manager elearning inductions streamlines the management of the entire process by using company bespoke content to train staff to a consistent level, to ensure they are ready to start work safely and with all of the knowledge and awareness.

More than Health & Safety

Induction isn’t only about H&S its about showing a new employee the culture of the company, outlining company processes through toolbox talks.


Challenging times

Recently we have been working in a different world, inductions or bespoke training that provides staff with updates on new working procedures or mental health and wellbeing support is increasingly rolled out via elearning.

Mobile Learning is on the increase. Ask about our Mobile App that does not require emails to receive inductions, TBT or courses.


How can you benefit from our Induction Module


Introduce new employees to the rules and regulations they need to comply with before starting work

Introduce your Culture

Provide an overview of the organisation including its history, values & ethics

Connection & Clarification

Supports new employees by introducing the team and helping them understand their job & where they fit within the organisation

Save Time & Money

Reduces staff downtime, as a member of staff does not deliver the course, inductees do not have to travel and can be completed at any time

Retention & Engagemente

Induction will reduce the cost of staff turnover within your organisation and increases both customer and employee satisfaction. Induction Features

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