December 2021

Day 6: Contactor control and flying reindeers

How does North Pole Ltd. manages all those suppliers?

The Bluezone Supply Chain is one of Santa’s favourite modules as it helps him keep on top of all the suppliers from electronic suppliers to reindeers. Not least as Rudolph ” the Red Nose” Reindeer left North Pole Ltd a few years ago and set up his own business- Dashing Reindeers Ltd. Since there are limited flying reindeers, North Pole Ltd still employ him as a contractor.

Rudolph, didn't go down in history for admin!

This didn’t come without its complications, as often Rudolph is forgetful about his paper work and Santa is a stickler for the rules. Santa didn’t want to be left red faced by this contractor so loves that Supply Chain allows him to ensure all his contractors and their staff are compliant and all the information is in one location, which can even be accessed from his mobile phone, which is useful for those last-minute check on Christmas eve.

Easy for all

“It is quick and easy to log into the system and uploaded the required documentation or add in new personnel details. I have been quite forgetful in the past, but this makes it easier for both our client and for Dancer (EHS Manager at Dashing Reindeers Ltd) to ensure we are both risk compliant. The reminder emails are real incentive to get the information to the client as soon as possible.
Rudolph " the Red Nose” Reindeer

Contractor Staff Elearning- Quick and Easy

We especially like that all our staff, can use the same eLearning courses as the elves and I am delighted to say that Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and myself have completed both the induction and working at heights course sent out by North Pole Ltd.”
EHS Manager

How can you benefit from our Supply Chain Module

Control Risk

Protect your business and reputation by only working with compliant partners.

Proactive communication

Allows Suppliers to manage their own documentation, which you can approve or reject while providing feedback.


Ensure suppliers meet your safety and quality standards or be notified when they do not.

Key Business Data

Continuously monitor and receive verifiable data to assess potential risk exposure within your supply chain or for use in audits (including ISO).

Central Location

Track and manage supplier and supplier personnel documentation in one location with the ability to share suppliers to eradicate repetition of work. Supply Chain Features

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