November 2017

Free training credits to ensure safe & compliant staff

As part of our Black Friday sale we are offering free credits for you and your team to try our courses without obligation.

Bluezone manager eLearning and training will help keep staff qualifications up-to-date by providing fast, easy to use, interactive eLearning courses, inductions and internal communications.

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How can you benefit from our eLearning bundles?

Suite of Courses

Deliver a suite of courses that allow your delegates to work at their own pace.

Consistent Standard

Create a consistent standard for training delivery no matter.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs in terms of training time, trainers, course materials, travel and accommodation.

24/7 Access Courses

Provide faster course delivery, as training available 24/7/365 on most devices from PCs to Mobile.

Easy to Use

User-Friendly interfaces, making is simple and interesting for learners to use.


How can you benefit from our Induction Module?


Introduce new employees to the rules and regulations they need to comply with before starting work.

Introduce your Culture

Provide an overview of the organisation including its history, values & ethics.

Connection & Clarification

Supports new employees by introducing the team and helping them understand their job & where they fit within the organisation.

Save Time & Money

Reduces staff downtime, as a member of staff does not deliver the course, inductees do not have to travel and can be completed at any time.

Retention & Engagement

eInduction will reduce the cost of staff turnover within your organisation and increases both customer and employee satisfaction.

Internal Communications

How can you benefit from our Internal Communications/ Toolbox Talks?

Communication is Key

With Bluezone manager you can send Inductions, Tool Box Talks, Awareness Briefings, Method Statements, Risk Assessments and other forms of correspondence to communicate directly to your employees.

Simple, Proven and Traceable

Once opened and read, our system will change the status of the document against the individual from Amber to Green. The individuals Training Record within manager will automatically be updated.

Connection & Clarification

Allows you to send frequent communications to your workforce, not only the desk based staff but globally to any device. Ensuring all staff are aware and understand your values and culture.

Save Time & Money

Removes the need for downtime for onsite talks and reduces the admin in ensuring all staff have received the communication.

Credits are valid until the end of January 2018. T&Cs apply.

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