December 2020

North Pole confirm Safe, Healthy & Happy Christmas with Bluezone Manager

Bluezone are delighted that the North Pole Ltd have decided to move to Bluezone manager, for thousands of years they had been using paper, ink wells and feather quills and find the new technology makes the naughty or nice lists so much easier.

Mrs Claus, Director of H&S Safety, was behind finding a new solution, she commented:

“we have spent a long time looking for a better solution, that suited our budget. We are delighted with Bluezone manager as it ensures we are up to date with all our records for training, compliance and contractors.”

North Pole Ltd started off with just eLearning and organisation modules from Bluezone.  Mr Claus said:

“I am not one for lots of changes and it was a big step moving from paper to digital, so I decided that we would start with the training and organisation modules, which would look after all of the elves training (no easy task) and monitor it through the organisation module.

Not all our training is online, we do lots of classroom-based training as well and we wanted to be sure it was all being recorded in the same place. We have also uploaded all our business-critical documents and set reminders against them in this module. As we got used to the software, we started to add modules. Using Bluezone manager helps the elves focus on the magic of toy making and less about the paper work. A truly excellent idea!”


 With thousands of elves working away, it is important that the elves undertake training when required to understand their role in health and safety along with the need to comprehend and be aware of global standards as well as the culture at the North Pole.

Mrs Claus, stated:

“the Bluezone manager training matrix helps us to ensure each of the elves is receiving the adequate training, recording off-line training as well as on-line training. I get daily reminders, as do the department heads, allowing us to easily chase up on any overdue training, so no one is missed.”

We spoke to Elvis Isalive – the Elf in charge and Co- Founder of Magic Workshop;

“We love the Bluezone eLearning awareness training, the courses are easy to assign, track and the elves found they were able to complete on their mobile devices when they had some spare time, so no down time in production.”

The North Pole Ltd also created their customised induction for all members of staff and their sub-contractors. The induction sets out the culture of the company and helps integrate employees into the company, so they understand what is required in a fun interactive way, which also helps to retain staff.

Supply Chain

The Bluezone Supply Chain is one of Santa’s favourite modules as it helps him keep on top of all the suppliers from electronic suppliers to reindeers. Not least Rudolph the “Red Nose” Reindeer who left North Pole Ltd a few years ago and set up his own business- Dashing Reindeers Ltd. Since there are limited flying reindeers, North Pole Ltd still employ him as a contractor.

This didn’t come without its complications, as often Rudolph is forgetful about his paper work and Santa is a stickler for the rules. Santa didn’t want to be left red faced by this contractor so loves that Supply Chain allows him to ensure all his contractors and their staff are compliant and all the information is in one location, which can even be accessed from his mobile phone, which is useful for those last-minute check on Christmas eve.

Rudolph commented:

“It is quick and easy to log into the system and uploaded the required documentation or add in new personnel details. I have been quite forgetful in the past, but this makes it easier for both our client and for Dancer (EHS Manager at Dashing Reindeers Ltd) to ensure we are both risk compliant. The reminder emails are real incentive to get the information to the client as soon as possible.

We especially like that all our staff, can use the same eLearning courses as the elves and I am delighted to say that Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and myself have completed both the induction and working at heights course sent out by North Pole Ltd.”

Compliance & Task Scheduler

 Just like Santa Claus and Mrs Claus, Compliance and Task Scheduler are the perfect match!

Like Santa Claus, the Bluezone Compliance module can work alone to ensure that the North Pole’s sites, buildings and assets are compliant, maintained, certified and inspected to both environmental and Health & Safety compliance standards. However, when Bluezone Task scheduler module is added alongside the Compliance module, this is when something powerful happens.

Mrs Claus explains

“with Compliance we are able to manage all our buildings here are the North Pole such as the Magic Workshop, the stables or the Elves HQ, our accommodation for the elves. We can quickly spot if someone is not as it should be, with an interactive dashboard providing real-time visibility, we are able to drill down to individual sites or assets to see what the issue is, from Fire Door Safety to portable appliance Testing (PAT), we can keep an eye on it all, which is real peace of mind.

When we decided to add on Bluezone Task Scheduler, we were able to plan and track corrective and preventative actions in our workflow and tasks. We made considerable savings not least in the admin and maintenance teams, where we able to deploy 2 elves back to the Magic Workshop for full time toy production.”


Bluezone’s Stephen Sheridan said:

“ It was a pleasure to work with Mr & Mrs Claus and all the elves on-boarding Bluezone manager, it was a big leap from the old traditional methods, but the North Pole Ltd soon seen the benefits of the Bluezone platform and gradually added more modules as they team needed them.”