Tailored to your organisation, the unique online induction system can create and deliver online inductions for contractors, visitors and employees, even before they arrive on site.

All without a drain on company resources and with greater learning benefits to employees.


How can you benefit from our Induction Module


Introduce new employees to the rules and regulations they need to comply with before starting work

Introduce your Culture

Provide an overview of the organisation including its history, values & ethics

Connection & Clarification

Supports new employees by introducing the team and helping them understand their job & where they fit within the organisation

Save Time & Money

Reduces staff downtime, as a member of staff does not deliver the course, inductees do not have to travel and can be completed at any time

Retention & Engagemente

Induction will reduce the cost of staff turnover within your organisation and increases both customer and employee satisfaction. Induction Features

Induction Features

Remotely Assign Courses

Induction can be assigned online for contractors, visitors and employees, even before they arrive onsite

Bespoke Branded Courses

Courses are easily customised for your organisation or department

Record Keeping

Records are maintained and can be easily managed and tracked, with alerts for completion and renewal

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