Easily manage, control and protect your organisation and employees by ensuring overall compliance. Essential documents are stored in one secure location and can be accessed at any time from most devices. A RAG system alerts key personnel when action needs to be taken.


How can you benefit from our Organisation Module

HR Management

Store and manage your employee’s records, ensure that they are compliant and all training is complete and up-to-date.

Store all Critical Documents

One location for your organisations essential documents, certificates and policies, with unlimited cloud based document storage.

Key Business Data

Continuously monitor and receive verifiable data to assess potential risk exposure within workforce or for use in audits (including ISO).


Accessible on almost any device at time that suits you and any organisation with multiple locations, multifaceted operations and/or dispersed staff.

Organisation Features

Interactive dashboard

An interactive dashboard provides real time analysis to the user, with summary health checks.


Advanced User Permissions

Assign role-based permissions with unlimited users



Integrates with other modules including eLearning and induction modules.

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