Training Matrix

Bluezone manager can record all online training as well as offline training.

This module allows you to assign, track and renew your eLearning training from Bluezone, as well as record other training and HR information, such as drivers’ licences, safe certs etc.

The built in Learning Management System as part of Bluezone manager. The organisation and training module offers a solution to easily monitor the compliance of recording training records.

The system drives a RAG (red, amber, green) dashboard which can be applied to all training documentation and alerts the key people within your organisation when training is due and is especially useful for audits.


How can you benefit from our Compliance Module


Tailored to meet the needs of your organisation’s needs to ensure all aspects of safety quality and legality are covered

Control Risk

Reduce workplace injuries, lost productivity or dissatisfied customers by highlighting non-conformances and identifying corrective actions to control health, safety, environmental and business risks.

Be Audit Ready

Build a professional quality manual with everything you need in one place for an internal or 3rd party audit with information available to view online or in print if required.

Better Decisions

Make better decisions with accurate data, removing the guesswork by having a comprehensive analysis of risk within your organisation

Key Features

Interactive dashboard

An interactive dashboard provides real time analysis to the user, with summary health checks.


Planned Maintenance

Ideal for planned maintenance testing such as portable appliance testing (PAT) with an easy to view maintenance history.


Complete Compliance

Automatic task scheduling when integrated with other modules reduces administration eliminating the need for spreadsheets, word documents and diary reminders and will provide an end to end solution.