February 2018

Supply Chain Management

With Bluezone manager’s Supply Chain module you can support your organisation by ensuring that you are working with a safe, qualified, accountable and responsible supply chain or contractors.

The Supply Chain module will provide an expansive solution to pre-qualify, evaluate, audit (including ISO) and monitor your entire supply chain.


Benefits to you:

Control Risk 

Protect your business and reputation by only working with compliant partners.

Proactive communication 

Allows Suppliers to manage their own documentation, which you can approve or reject while providing feedback.


Ensure suppliers meet your safety and quality standards or be notified when they do not.

Key Business Data 

Continuously monitor and receive verifiable data to assess potential risk exposure within your supply chain or for use in audits (including ISO).

Central Location 

Track and manage supplier and supplier personnel documentation in one location with the ability to share suppliers to eradicate repetition of work.

The Invisible Contractor

Do you know who is on your site?

As an organisation, it is law that you do. This free guide looks at how contractors need to work as part of your organisation and your responsibilities towards them.

Read our white paper here: