March 2019

Top 10 H&S Tips for the Workplace

to help reduce work related accidents.

Employees are the lifeline of any organisation and their health and safety should not be taken for granted.

An employer who goes above and beyond to take care of their employees speak volumes about their respect and appreciation to their staff.

Creating a culture that values health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation. These 10 tips give an overview of the basic steps any organisation should take to implement a workplace health and safety plan.

Apart from the legal & social responsibility on an employer, it makes good business sense.

Apart from the legal & social responsibility on an employer, it makes good business sense.

  • Consider the Risks

Carry out a risk assessment of your business and any potential threats. You can then make an informed decision about which risks are priority and how to address them.

  • Keep a record

Write down the health and safety measures you are taking as a company. Write a health and safety policy and keep a record of all risk assessments. Keep an accident log of any accidents or near misses. Better still implement software to keep accurate records.

  • Ask your Team

Open employee communication is a useful tool in making your workplace safer and more productive.

  • Training

Training is a helpful way of making sure everyone understands their role in health and safety. Blended learning (a blend of eLearning and classroom) is the ideal approach to creating a healthy and safe workplace.

  • Fire drills and training

Regular fire drills are essential and should be carried out at least once a year, with the results recorded. It is important to train new staff & remind existing staff of what they should do in an event of a fire. Find out more about Fire Safety Training

  • Keep it Tidy

An easy way to reduce the risk of accidents in an office, workshop or industrial area is to keep it clean and tidy.

  • First Aid

Keep a well-stocked first aid kit and make sure it contains all the necessary items for dealing with an incident requiring first aid. Also ensure that enough members of staff receive first aid training.

  • Perform Routine Maintenance

Make sure any equipment is regularly service and that any necessary repairs are carried our promptly, making sure everything, including you premises, remains in good condition.

  • Identify Vulnerable workers

It is important to identify any workers that could be considered vulnerable, such as young or pregnant staff. Carry out a risk assessment specifically for them to make sure are protecting their health and safety.

  • Keep Calm

Look at ways of keeping stress levels down. Stress is one the major reasons people take time off work so taking measures to make your workplace a happier and more relaxed place is important.

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