March 2020

Top tips for working from home successfully

Top tips for working from home successfully

While the idea for many people to work from home seems very appealing and in the current world environment where working from home is a preventative measure being taken by organisations around the world, here are our top tips and recommendations for staff who are working from home:


Communication is required in any business but when homeworking it is the most important aspect.  Not only does it build trust and reduces the feeling of isolation, but it ensures your manager knows you are completing projects or tasks on time and everything is going to plan. Tell everyone who needs to know about your schedule and availability. It can be a simple email to check in, or a WhatsApp message to a colleague or manager to let them know you’re not available on certain times or days.

Communication is key for home working

Team meetings and consistent check ins are also important as you do not have that face to face interaction on a daily basis. Technology has made this simple. If you don’t already have a remote meeting service, think about setting one up. Many are free to use. And of course we can still simply telephone call!

Security… think GDPR, think Hackers, remain alert!

Just because you are home does not mean hackers will stop trying to steal sensitive information or committing online fraud or GDPR does not apply. In some cases additional measures need to be taken.

  • Make sure your laptop is in a secure location and out of sight, much like other valuables in your home.
  • Maintain password security measures.
  • Be aware of your responsibilities of storing and sending data
  • If in doubt, report it! Communicate anything you view as a security risk and follow your company’s procedures.


Set a schedule, maintain regular hours, and get dressed. You are your own manager so plan your tasks for today and work towards deadlines much as if you would in the office. Working from home can mean being connected to some device 24 hours a day so know when to turn off. Be strict about replying to late night emails. Generally, these can wait until the morning.


Create a dedicated area for your work. This area should mentally prepare you for work mode and should not be the same area you use to relax. If other people are at home with you, then this area should become recognised as your work area and boundaries set to avoid interference with your work.


Support will come come from your manager or from IT Support when required, but also emotionally. Working from home can be isolating and the support from co-workers or management which you normally receive in the office can be missed. Make time for yourself to exercise or to relax. Additionally, stay in touch with colleagues through technology.

Health and Safety

Much like security, just because you are at home doesn’t mean it stops, granted it is mostly going to be low risk take care with trip hazards – leads, remember display screen equipment guidelines and report any concerns with equipment and be sure to take and use your breaks to get away from your computer screen.

Technology’s Role

Technology has come into its own and the value of having a system in place that can be reviewed and monitored remotely is paying dividends today.

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