September 2018

What is EHS software ?


The management of compliance, health and safety is not new and has been painstakingly carried out for decades, becoming an essential part of operations and has become an integral role for businesses around the world.

EHS is an acronym for Environmental, Health and Safety and at its core,

EHS Software aims to make environmental, health, and safety compliance easier

and is a software platform that allows organisations to protect the health and safety of their employees, their buildings and assets from potential hazards at work. Additionally, it helps businesses comply with health and safety rules and regulations.

With most governments enforcing, and checking the compliance of, environmental, health, and safety standards to assure workers, customers and the wider public are cared for, a safe working environment and fully compliant operations is essential for any business.

EHS software tracks and records the measures businesses take for compliance and normally offers companies the ability to be audit ready at any time.

A modular EHS software solution can deal with many areas ranging from occupational health and safety, contractor management as well as training of Staff and sub-contractors, environment management such as Legionella or Fire Regulations.

Often there is a range of functions, but the common factor is a focus on compliance. EHS software will provide the tools to maintain regulatory compliance, ensure training is up to date, contractors are compliant and boosts environmental performance. Most solutions will include the ability to segment by location or task management.

Look out for our next post on the features and benefits of EHS Software and how this can help you.

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