Communications / Toolbox Talks

Deliver a range of communications, from safety awareness talks, workflow instructions to important organisation notifications direct to your staff. Manager allows you to promote safety and supplement formal training for staff, free from distractions and with less interruptions to productivity.


How can you benefit from our Internal Communications / Toolbox Talks?

Communication is Key

With Bluezone manager you can send Inductions, Tool Box Talks, Awareness Briefings, Method Statements, Risk Assessments and other forms of correspondence to communicate directly to your employees

Simple, Proven and Traceable

Once opened and read, our system will change the status of the document against the individual from Amber to Green. The individuals Training Record within manager will automatically be updated.

Connection & Clarification

Allows you to send frequent communications to your workforce, not only the desk based staff but globally to any device. Ensuring all staff are aware and understand your values and culture.

Save Time & Money

Removes the need for downtime for onsite talks and reduces the admin in ensuring all staff have received the communication.

Communication Features

Record Keeping

Records are maintained and can be easily managed and tracked,

Branded Communications

Deliver company specific communications or toolbox talks electronically without the drain on resources.

Quick & Easy

Easily distribute information without losing productivity

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