Incident & Accident Manager allows you to quickly and accurately record all incidents from near misses to RIDDOR/HSA accidents and dangerous occurrences. Providing vital data to analyse trends and reduce incident rates, while cutting administrative time and tracking the progress from start to finish ensuring you meet all compliance requirements.


How can you benefit from our Incident Manager Module

Reduce Incidents

Keep your staff safe and reduce the costs, claims and disruption from incidents by bench-marking and comparing incident data allowing you to manage corrective and preventative actions (CA/PA).

Accurate Data Capture

Straightforward, consistent and accurate data captured with an easy to use interface, ensuring key people have all the important facts when they need them.

Sustain a Safety Culture

Encourage staff to continuously monitor and report potential risks and poor safety behaviour within your organisation which helps drive a positive safety culture.

Incident Manager Features

Start to FInish Tracking

Staff can easily submit an initial report, before an authorised person reviews and manages all further actions until resolution. Including submission to RIDDOR (UK), HSE (Ireland) or OSHA (USA).

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily add pictures, documents, actions or notes throughout the process to provide a comprehensive report. Initial reports can be submitted via a dedicated mobile app, insuring accurate and complete data.

Emergency Notifications

Immediate notifications to key responders with accurate information and updates.

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