September 2018

Advantages of EHS software

What are some of the advantages of EHS software usage?

As we said before the aim of EHS Software is to make environmental, health, and safety compliance easier. There are platforms out there that offer some or all these benefits and features:

Control Risk

At the core of all EHS Software is the need to control and reduce risk, to create a safer working environment. All systems should provide continuous improvement (Plan, Do, Check and Act) with easy visibility and ensure deficiencies and deadlines are highlighted and actioned.

The best EHS management systems are straight forward to use and should empower every employee

making it easier to manage the compliance of your staff, people and assets as well as share tasks and actions throughout an entire organisation.

Safe, Productive Workplace

A trained aware workforce increases productivity and ensures a safe culture for staff and visitors, which encourages sustainability. By implementing an EHS software system you can easily detect and prevent risks in your staff or supply chain and secure long-term profitability.

Staff appreciate the efforts of their employer to improve health and safety and reduce the impact on their work environment, with studies proving the implementation of an EHS plan

boosts employee morale.

With the utilisation of an EHS platform creating and maintaining a plan is much simpler.

Optimise Performance

Unburden your managers by spending less time on admin and compliance checking and more time focusing on other aspects of your core business.  An EHS platform means you can automate and improve your data collection process.  Having more time to be proactive on health and safety strategies will ensure you move closer to a zero-harm safety culture.

An EHS platform allows you to invest more time in high level thinking and the implementation of further initiatives.

Corporate Transparency

Improve communications and provide auditors or external stakeholders with a clear account of compliance, safety and training.

Most software aligns with best practice for certification, for example ISO.

On top of that, these platforms can help you respond quickly to new standards and regulations for your industry. To help you keep up with these changes, using an EHS platform allows you to stay up-to-date on regulations as well as collect data to report your company’s compliance.

Workplace health and safety not only affects your staff members but has an impact on your reputation among your stakeholders including your customers and helps build loyalty.

Reduce Time & Spend

Keeping your organisation’s accident and incident rate low can increase your profit margin.  EHS software reduces resources spent on H&S and compliance, while providing accurate data to ensure risk is controlled and quality improved, all of which improves a company’s bottom line and allows time to be spent on other aspects.

Introducing a health and safety management system can reduce injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent*

and using an EHS System to implement and manage a program, such as Training or Toolbox talks, is one of the best ways to do this.

EHS Software is normally module based and is therefore flexible to a organisation’s needs, the onboarding process is generally the most cumbersome, but your provider should provide training and assistance when it comes to onboarding to ensure you get the best return on investment.


Paperless Management in one Centralised Location

EHS Software allows you to manage compliance seamlessly and eradicate cumbersome spreadsheets and paper reports.

A key advantage to a cloud based EHS Software solution is  the move towards a paperless office, by helping eliminate paper records, thus increasing security and assisting with data protection legislation.

At the same time, it also allows authorised personnel to access critical data about their estate and compliance position, anytime and from anywhere. Data is in real time and is held in one centralised location, providing the most accurate information available.


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