Day 1- Time to Relax

Day 1 : Christmas eve Day 1- Time to take is easy and with 100% confidence that the North Pole’s staff, contractors, and all assets are compliant for the biggest day of the year, Santa and Mrs Claus can relax and get ready for lift-off! Happy Christmas, one and all. Finally on Christmas Eve, the […]

Day 2- No More Lists

Making a list and checking in twice! Not for me “Since going digital with Bluezone manager we have never looked back. Christmas Eve is just so busy and it’s critical that we have every element of Health and Safety checked off. There is no room for error! Thanks to Bluezone we can easily spot any […]

Day 3- Team Santa

Staff and Contractor Management Ensuring that both staff and contractor staff are compliant is another task that the North Pole leaves to Bluezone Manager by collecting and maintaining data and documentation to support ISO audits as well as internal standards. The platform can provide both staff and contractor elearning or induction. This can be done before suppliers […]

Day 4- Spreading Christmas Cheer!

Effective Inductions Unless your Buddy the elf it is hard to get excited about employee inductions, either as an employee or as a trainer. Bluezone Manager elearning inductions streamlines the management of the entire process by using company bespoke content to train staff to a consistent level, to ensure they are ready to start work […]

Day 5: A perfect match – Compliance & Task Scheduler

The perfect match  Just like Santa Claus and Mrs Claus, Compliance and Task Scheduler are the perfect match! Mrs Claus Explains “with Compliance we are able to manage all our buildings here are the North Pole such as the Magic Workshop, the stables or the Elves HQ, our accommodation for the elves. We can quickly […]

Day 6: Contactor control and flying reindeers

How does North Pole Ltd. manages all those suppliers? The Bluezone Supply Chain is one of Santa’s favourite modules as it helps him keep on top of all the suppliers from electronic suppliers to reindeers. Not least as Rudolph ” the Red Nose” Reindeer left North Pole Ltd a few years ago and set up […]

Training Matrix – how many elves?

How many elves does it take to make Christmas safe? An unbelievable amount! Safety is no joke at the North Pole, which is why they use the Bluezone Manager training matrix. All the elves’ details are logged in the platform and Mr & Mrs Claus can easily track their training both in the classroom and […]

Organisation Module – Ready for Audit

Day 11: The Organisation Module North Pole Ltd. implemented the Organisation module first, this allowed the company to get all of their business-critical documents in one secure location and if required alerts when documents such as insurances are becoming due, so we can action. We have thousands of elves in North Pole Ltd. and through […]